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Two GWU students explore the food of Washington D.C. and do the research for you on the places to be seen (or not) in the area. Always looking for recommendations!

Panda Cafe

I ordered take-out from here about a week ago, but since I have some free time between classes, and I’m sort of in the mood for writing, I thought I’d write about it.

I’ll start off my pointing out that I generally don’t like chinese food very much. I don’t know why, it’s just not my thing. For some reason, however, I was seriously craving chinese food last Thursday, and I just happened to walk past the restaurant. My roommate wasn’t in the mood for chinese at that moment, so I just grabbed the menu and walked out. 

I was examining the menu as I walked back to the dorm. Want to know what really struck me? There are no pandas anywhere on the menu! The name of the place is Panda Cafe, and yet, no pandas! As soon as I walked into the dorm, I called the place. Mostly because I was seriously craving some sesame chicken, but also because I wanted to inquire about the pandas. 

The woman that answered the phone was easily the easiest person to place an order with, ever. I placed my order (two sesame chicken meals) and paid with GWORLD over the phone. I was so excited that my GWORLD was valid over the phone, and that I was going to eat sesame chicken that I completely forgot to ask about the pandas. In my excitement, I went downstairs to wait for my food. My roommate pointed out that it would take a while, but still I went outside to wait. Fifteen minutes later, my food arrived. Fifteen minutes later. 

I didn’t think things could get any better. I took my food upstairs to the room and prepared myself for the sesame chicken I’d been craving all day. It was amazing. The chicken had no fat on it whatsoever; the rice had been steamed to perfection. They even included some broccoli. I’ve never ordered sesame chicken and gotten sesame chicken and broccoli before— these people obviously care about my health, too! 

I’m so glad I ordered from Panda Cafe. I definitely think you should try it out if you’re looking for some good food and fast delivery. 

Telephone: 202.337.9119


2138 1/2 Pennyselvania Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20037-3210

-Gaby N.

9/9/11Gaby & Christie Sprinkles Cupcakes 

Gaby & Christie
Sprinkles Cupcakes 

-Gaby N.


-Gaby N.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I’ve been in DC for almost two weeks now, and I’ve quickly learned that it’s the city of cupcakes. In NYC, we have ice cream trucks; in DC, we have cupcake trucks. It’s pretty awesome. Since I’ve been here, my roommate and I have been to two cupcake bakeries in the area— obviously, the two most notable ones, Georgetown Cupcakes and Sprinkles. 

You’ve read what Christie has to say about Georgetown Cupcakes; I must say, her article was not nearly as expressive as I would have expected it to be. In all honesty, I think what she had to say about Georgetown Cupcakes was a complete euphemism. I think I can bake better cupcakes! If I’m going to stand in line for hours on end for a cupcake, I expect it to taste like a cupcake, not like a manufactured, tasteless, piece of food in the shape of a cupcake.

Anyhow, enough bashing. I want to talk about God’s gift from heaven: Sprinkles. Located on 3015 M Street NW, in Georgetown, it surprises me that this bakery is lesser known, and lesser frequented than Georgetown Cupcakes. I can honestly say I have never tasted anything better in my life. My first cupcake (which I tried in the store, because it looked so delicious I couldn’t possibly wait until getting back to the dorm) was a “black and white” cupcake. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never tasted something so delicious, so absolutely incredible; my taste buds couldn’t process it. The frosting was thick, creamy, sweet, but not too sweet; the consistency of the cupcake itself was amazing— moist, but not crumbling. I took that bite, and it changed my life.

I put the remaining piece of cupcake into the bag the bakery provided me with (which was super cute, but not totally overdone) and bought another one, “peanut butter chip.” As soon as my roommate and I left Sprinkles, we walked back (in the pouring rain) to our dorm as quickly as possible. I got in, and ripped open my bag of cupcakes. I didn’t think life could get any better after having my “black and white” cupcake. Then I tasted the “peanut butter chip.” If “black and white” cupcakes are a small piece of heaven, “peanut butter chip” cupcakes are heaven and a half. I can honestly say I’d eat my body weight in those cupcakes— in one sitting. 

If you have nothing to do, and you’re craving a cupcake, go to Sprinkles. Walk straight past Georgetown Cupcakes and go to Sprinkles. If you have something to do, it’s probably not more important than visiting Sprinkles. If you’re hungry, skip dinner and have two (or three) cupcakes at Sprinkles. Trust me, it’s worth it. 

-Gaby N.

Christie D.  9/6/11

Christie D. 9/6/11

Christie D.

Christie D.


DC Cupcakes

So ever since I got into GW the only thing I hear people talk about was Georgetown Cupcakes, DC Cupcakes. TLC TLC TLC Cupcakes. Some people think they’re the best things they’ve ever tasted. 

I don’t get it.

I had to go three times to really embrace the fact that they’re just not good. I went once in June with my family and waited two hours on line and the only “personal” service I got was someone passing down water because the line went around the block. I had tried some peanut butter fudge filled cupcake or something, and I remember biting into it going: Is this a muffin? The texture of the cupcake was off. It was like biting into a not-so-stale chocolate corn muffin coated in sugar. I thought that I had just ordered the wrong cupcake.

My next encounter with DC Cupcakes was at a campus event. I went for the coconut. I didn’t know that when I got a coconut cupcake that I’d be getting half a bag of processed shredded coconut on top of sugar on top of a not so good muffin. But that’s what happened. I didn’t really pay too much about this cupcake though because I was too wrapped up listening to the business sorority speak about networking opportunities.

My final, and trust me, I’ve given DC Cupcakes enough chances, my last attempt with a cupcake from DC Cupcakes was when my roommate and I decided to go exploring through Georgetown in the rain. There was no line so we figured we might as well. She didn’t know the secret that I now do, but she soon found out. I ordered a salted caramel cupcake. The girl behind the counter didn’t even care. She just wanted to process the customers. She didn’t offer any useful suggestions when I asked what kind of cupcake I should try. She told me they were on the case over there, and she pointed. I could tell she was impatient. My order was rushed to the counter next to the table where it was haphazardly placed in, no, not a cute box, but a paper bag. How was I supposed to get back to Foggy Bottom with a cupcake in a paper bag in the pouring rain?

But I made it back to my room, only slightly drenched, I pulled the now demolished cupcake out of the wet bag, because no one took the time to look out the window and ask “Gee, would you like me to put this in a box for you?” I licked off the icing. I’m sorry but a pound of sugar does not mean you carefully crafted a perfectly delicious icing. It was disgusting. Absolutely terrible. And the muffin, I mean cupcake, was a stale and awful corn muffin. I swear. It was the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten fried scorpions on sticks.

—Christie D.

3301 M Street (corner of 33rd & M)
Washington DC 20007
p: 202-333-8448


Delivers to GWU dorms.

  • Quality: Though techincally thicker than traditional French crepes, these were pretty yummy! Definitely try The Rusty and Nutella.
  • Delivery: 30 mins or less
  • GWorld: Yes
  • Price: $$

Telephone: 202.973.0404

2001 L Street NW

Washington, DC 20036

The Chicken House

Delivers to GWU dorms.

  • Quality: Buffalo wings are not spicy, just taste like they’re grilled. The tereyaki wings have too much fat on them and not enough sauce. The mozzerella sticks are microwavable. And I’ve never seen a caesar salad so small and wilted. Don’t order from here.
  • Delivery: It’s been an hour and twenty minutes for 6 buffalo wings, 6 tereyaki wings and a caesar salad.
  • GWorld: Don’t even bother.
  • Price: $

Telephone: 202.588.1717

2120B 18th Stree NW

Washington, DC 20009